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SUM OF, represented by the mathematical summation symbol, Σ, is the creative dialogue between designers, Armi Prisara and Alodia Cecilia. The collaboration was formed with the intention of exploring certain design themes and elements, while retaining each designer's intrinsic embodied diversities. Individual aesthetics and design processes vary from designer to designer, and the duo wanted to explore the nuances that distinguish each designer, that tell each designer's story.

The SUM OF experiment starts with a theme and certain controlled and uncontrolled variables (i.e. colour palette), which each designer must translate and interpret into wearable array. What results is a collection unified in a single sense but varied in unpredictable tones and tangents.

SUM OF is open to the public! We invite all interested designers to the SUM OF experience! If you would like to take part in the collaborative experiment, you may contact us through our site.